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Solgaleo gijinka - Drawing process + ref by RoCkBaT
Solgaleo gijinka - Drawing process + ref
Before I start! OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER- I do not own the top left image of actual Solgaleo- its there for reference purposes only- it belongs to pokemon- which of course I don't own either!
(Can't be too careful)

Okay! So this is the first time i've done something like this and me and computers don't really get on so i'm not sure if it looks... good? But I thought it might be interesting to share my working process with character design! Full image is below~

Solgaleo Gijinka - Pokemon sun and moon by RoCkBaT

Ive numbered them so, here goes~ :3

1. Figure sketching

First I start off with like a really rough figure sketch. I wanted him to look intimidating so wanted a tall, muscly figure looking down. I'll usually do a few mini sketches to get ideas before trying a larger scale though~

2. Adding detail/ refining form

What I do after is a far bit of redrawing/ tracing of my initial sketch and then start to
Here i've made him a bit bulkier and muscly. The added armor pieces and clothing help to accentuate this, especially in the shoulders. When i'm happy wit the scrappy sketch, I trace it (using my computer screen) onto a clean sheet of paper and then fineline in ink- this way, I avoid pencil marks when it comes to colouring. I have a few different colours of fineliner- I used yellow on his hands because I wanted him to be holding some form of bright energy.

3. Background colour

I start with a base colpur layer with promarkers, moving from lighter colours to dark.
I've learned its better to draw/ colour the background first and, although it's a pain, it does seem to be gradually improving the quality of my drawings. So I wanted to emulate the cover of pokemon sun with the sky's palette. The yellows, oranges and greys compliment Solgaleo's design really. Also, I shaded the bottom clouds and parts of the cliff in purples/ blues where the sun doesn't hit- kind of adds more depth!

4. Figure colour

Integrating the figure is always challenging. especially with dramatic backgrounds. I am happy with some parts but still feel the shadows aren't dark enough- I really need to be braver/ more decicive about this, heheh! I guess that's me all over though X3
Design wise, i'll usually stick to the colour palette of the pokemon, but add details such as the woven belt/ sun motifs and stylized patterns on the leg armor
My understanding of light is at least growing every time I do something like this!

5. Pencil shading -> completed image

I don't always but I love going over my promarker layer with coloured pencil. They're softer and easier to work in gradients/ shadow and depth. This works well especially in the clouds.
I also pick out highlights with a white gel pen- I also got the sunburst effects more defined in this way. I 'd recommend getting one if you're into traditional art- they're a godsend- help fix your mistakes and everything! XD

So... I hope this was interesting, even just to look at! this is just a rough of my working process~

How I pick apart and design clothing for a character is a whole other process, so i'm sorry I didn't go into too much detail here, but hopefully you can see which parts I used and adapted from the reference. And if anyone's interested in that process, let me know and i'll put something togtether fr the next one, maybe~ <3

Let me know what you think!
Solgaleo Gijinka - Pokemon sun and moon by RoCkBaT
Solgaleo Gijinka - Pokemon sun and moon
Ahhh, finally got around to doing this! Took me ages to figure out  a design and how to draw an actual man... I mean, it sort of had to be with the whole male lion thing ^^'

I went with a bulky armor design with solar motifs and of course the massivest hair i've ever put on a character- kind of hidden by his crown thing but still fabulous!

I was going for intimidating and majestic so I drew his face all serious but I was listening to happy K-pop at the time and all I could see was him glaring at me like "Elly, I do not like this music. Turn it off." So i'm sitting there just drawing and giggling like a crazy person XD

Anyway, I'm kind of happy with how he turned out. I'm not quite where I want to be just yet and still have lots to learn but feel like i'm improving~=

Also, i'll upload the process for this one- I actually recorded stages for once so i'm interested to see... who's interested, here->

Solgaleo gijinka - Drawing process + ref by RoCkBaT

P.s. Its interesting that Solgaleo isn't a fire type, no?
Popplio Gijinka - Pokemon sun and moon by RoCkBaT
Popplio Gijinka - Pokemon sun and moon
Sun and moon starter trio completed! :D
Not gonna lie, I had the most fun designing popplio, it's really grown on me, heheh >w<

Idk if people have seen popplio's "character sheet"? But it just has so much personality~
Here ->…
So I got really inspired to draw them as circus performers, doing water magic and juggling bubbles'n'stuff~ <3

Just Solgaleo to go and i'll be up to date with gen 7's designs! :o
Litten Gijinka - Pokemon sun and moon by RoCkBaT
Litten Gijinka - Pokemon sun and moon
Welp, might as well do all the starters~
This was a pretty quick drawing- about 1 and a half hours- explains why its  a bit messy~

I designed Littens as cat thieves.
Omg they're so edgy XD

Popplio, soon :heart:
Rowlet Gijinka - Pokemon Sun and Moon by RoCkBaT
Rowlet Gijinka - Pokemon Sun and Moon
Heheh, Rowlet is my favorite starter. Owls, man... They're just so cute!

People sometimes ask if i'll draw a male/ female version of gijinkas i've drawn- which I usually don't?
So i'm trying a format of drawing both together :3

I made them into leafy island people. And i'm trying to experiment with different body types. Owls are quite round after all ^^'

Not at all quickly stetching all the starters because I'm struggling to think of a good design for Solgaleo or anything ¬.¬


United Kingdom
For when I eventually travel to these dimensions~

Daemon: sirion - the red fox
Patronus - fox
Animagus form - dama gazelle "Tiptoes"

Pokemon team -
Vulpix, Eevee, Zorua, Fennekin, porygon, rufflet

Pokesona - torchic
Uh... RoCk-chic? That works right?
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So I just found out someone on Redbubble is making money from plagiarizing my work- so that's awesome~…

Clearly taken directly from me -> Pokemon Hogwarts Shield by RoCkBaT

Sorry guys- a little bit extremely unbelievably angry right now.
Some people really sicken me.

Still, I guess it's a lesson learned- should probably have signed it/ watermarked it in the first place~
Just hope I can get them to take it down...


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Not at the moment... but i've been meaning to check out apps like that~
Is it any good? :3
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Oh, right! Well, this isn't the first time something like this has happened, tbh...
Thank you for letting me know! :3
Could you possibly send me a link so I can try and put a stop to it? :/
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